Calabrass is a magical, talking sword and a protagonist of Zak Storm: Super Pirate. He lives in the Seven Seas of the Bermuda Triangle, and is one of Zak's companions.

Appearance Edit

Calabrass is a skull on a double-handed sword. His blade is black with silver highlights. The wooden cross guard to which he is mounted has seven points with jewels on the ends. Each of the seven jewels represents the Eye of a different sea of the Bermuda Triangle. When an Eye is chosen, Calabrass' eyes glow the color of the jewel.

Abilities Edit

Depending on the eye chosen, Calabrass gains the abilities and powers associated with the Seven Seas.

Sino Edit

With the Eye of Sino, the Sea of Ice, Calabrass gains ice powers such as shielding Zak and freezing enemies.

Dezer Edit

With the eye of Dezer, the Sea of Earth, Calabrass gains earth powers such as making a rock wall. The rocks can turn the sword into a hammer and a shield.

Aeria Edit

With the Eye of Aeria, the Sea of Storms, Calabrass gains lightning powers. it creates an axe.

Relationships Edit

Zak Storm Edit

Zak is the current wielder of Calabrass. Calabrass guides him through the Seven Seas.

Skullivar Edit

Skullivar wants Calabrass in order to take over the Triangle.

Sightings Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Calabrass has changed much between his initial concept and his current appearance.
    • Originally, Calabrass was not a character; he was just a magical sword that Zak would use.
    • He appears to have only four powers to change between instead of his current seven.

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