Clovis is one of the main protagonists of the television show Zak Storm: Super Pirate. He is a ghost underneath the tutelage of his captain, Zak Storm.

Appearance Edit

Clovis is transparent and blue. He wears sandals and a cloak with a hood.

Relationships Edit

Zak Storm Edit

Zak Storm is his captain.

The Chaos Edit

Clovis is bound to The Chaos. Even though he isn't technically dead, he haunts the ship and is not allowed to leave it. A chain connects him to the deck whenever he tries to fly away.

Sightings Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Clovis isn't actually a ghost. He is just missing his body and is hoping to find it.
    • He technically haunts The Chaos and is bound to the ship until the end of time (or when he finds his body).
  • He likes candy. Caramels are his favorite.

Gallery Edit

Promotional Art Edit


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