Jeremy Zag is the producer and creator of Zak Storm: Super Pirate and the founder and CEO of ZAG Entertainment.

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Jeremy has been involved in many of the shows ZAG is producing, including Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, Sammy & Co, Popples, and the upcoming show Zak Storm.

In 2014, Jeremy Zag found ZAG Animation Studios with Haim Saban, Chris Columbus and Michael Barnathan in order to develop, produce, and distribute global, feature film family entertainment, including one 3D animated film, and one CGI-live action hybrid film per year, starting in 2017.


Jeremy has been involved in many of the shows and movies being made and produced by ZAG.

Current productions

Future productions

Previous productions

  • Kobushi: producer, composer
  • Popples: producer
  • Rosie: producer
  • Sammy & Co: producer




  • Along with Amanda Williams, Jeremy helped write the show's main theme song.
  • Jeremy is a fan of Dragon Ball, and considers it his "inspiration on everything". He considers its creator, Akira Toriyama, to be his hero.[1]

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