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This page includes information on an episode that has not yet aired.

"Morlock the Unstoppable" is the third episode of the first season of Zak Storm: Super Pirate.

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Zak and his crew are under attack! Golden Bones brings Skullivar the last piece of an ancient artifcat -- The Morlock Armor. When put together, the armor comes to life in an unstoppable force of destruction directly controlled by Skullivar. [1]

Plot Edit

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Golden Bones and a group of his skeleton soldiers are in the caves in search for a chest, Golden Bones nerly gets his hands on it until the 7Cs arrive. Zak attempts to take the chest, but has to save his friends, while Golden Bones escapes with the chest. But not before leaving the flag of Morlock behind.

Golden Bones arrives at Skullivar's base who congratulates him on finally doing something right.already finished collecting. Skullivar opens the chest, which reveals to be a helmet on an armored, battle suit, which Skullivar has already finished collecting. Zak meanwhile tries to prove that he is worthy to be the 7Cs captain.

The 7Cs are confronted by Morlock's armor, which is being controlled by Skullivar back at his base. Despite the attempts to stop defeat Skullivar, Calabrast forces Zak to run away leaving the crew to be beaten up. Zak is then defeated, and captured by Skullivar, and Golden Bones who had arrived with his army.

While on Golden Bone's ship the crew devise a cunning plan to escape. When Calabrast refuses to allow Skullivar to have the seven gems, Skullivar forces Zak to do it for him. When Zak refuses Skullivar threatens to throw Crogar into the sea, to be eaten by sharks. Zak pretends to grovel and will tell him everything in exchange for his life. When Zak reveals that he knows very little Skullivar then throws Zak into the sea only for him to have his surf board ready, and avoids the sharks.

Zak then attacks Skullivar with the aid of the Chaos and Clovis. The 7Cs attack Skullivar while Clovis disrupts Golden Bones' ships systems. Zak then uses eye of flame to hit the armor that are separated from the main body to cause it into the sea, and the magma on it to turn to rock and cause them to sink bellow the sea. After defeating the main part of the armour Golden Bones attmpts to stop the 7Cs from escaping only for him to forget about the Caos which nerely on top of him. The 7Cs escape, but before Golden Bones could order a pursuit Clovis' sabotage had caused Golden Bones' ship to spin out of control toward the portal to Skullivar's base. Golden Bones unable to do anything, only scream at his failure as his ship entered the portal as it closed.

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  • This episode was previously scheduled to premiere on September 23, 2017, on Discovery Family. But it's currently delay and it's unknown when it'll premiere on that channel. [2]

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  1. The out-of-date version of the September 2017 highlights for Discovery Family
  2. The updated version of the September 2017 highlights for Discovery Family

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