And we just greenlight a second season.

Jeremy Zag, SDCC 2017 Miraculous panel

The second season of Zak Storm: Super Pirate was confirmed to be planned by Jeremy Zag.[1] It will premiere in around 2018. [2]


On July 21, 2017, Jeremy Zag confirmed, during the San Diego Comic Con 2017 Miraculous Ladybug panel, that a second season of the series is greenlit.


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Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
2 TBA 2018 TBA


ve Episodes
Season 1
Origins Part 1Origins Part 2Morlock the UnstoppableWitch OverboardFreezing PointThe Voice of ChaosTroll DivingThe Seas SevenSpirited AwayThe SwapA Jellyfish of LegendLemuria AttacksMutiny on the Demoniac
Season 2

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