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"Spirited Away" is the ninth episode of the first season of Zak Storm: Super Pirate. It first premiered November 1, 2017, on Netflix, and on December 2, 2017, on Discovery Family.


Discovery Family

While searching for a kidnapped Clovis, Zak and Cece get trapped in spirit form while two powerful beings from the Sea of Stars inhabit their bodies.[1]


When Clovis is suddenly sucked into a giant vortex, Zak and Cece must transform into ghosts in order to find their friend.


Zak and Cece travel to the Sea of Zite as spirits. They met two Ziteans who trapped Zak and Cece in order to take control of their mortal bodies back on the Chaos. Zak and Cece have to save Clovis from a giant spider in the Sea of Zite and get their bodies back before the Ziteans in control of their bodies cause havoc in Marituga.


Main characters

Minor characters


  • The Sea of Zite made its first appearance in this episode.


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