The seas seven

The Seas Seven
Released on November 1, 2017 (Netflix)
November 25, 2017 (Discovery Family)

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"The Seas Seven" is the eighth episode of the first season of Zak Storm: Super Pirate. It first premiered November 1, 2017, on Netflix and November 25, 2017, on Discovery Family.


Discovery Family

Skullivar finds a lost Altlantean artifact, the Heptahedron, which could wreak havoc on the Seven Seas.[1]


Cece fears the worst when the Atlantean Heptahedron -- a weapon capable of terrible destruction -- falls into the hands of Golden Bones.


Cece felt a disruption caused by the Heptahedron. Zak and Crogar steals a boat from some skeletons while Caramba works on a device that can disguise people as anyone. After getting the boat, Zak and his team disguise themselves as skeletons to infiltrate Neverwhere.

After entering Neverwhere, they were stopped by a squad of skeletons. The leader asked Zak for his code, thinking that he was a fellow skeleton. Caramba could not give Zak a code in time, making Zak call for plan B, which was to destroy the skeletons. Unfortunately, Crogar's and Calabrass' disguise wore off. Zak then disguised himself as Golden Bones and tricked the incoming skeletons into believing that he had captured Crogar.

Golden Bones crossed paths with Zak (Disguised as Golden Bones), Cece (Disguised as a pink-chest skeleton) and Crogar. Zak pointed his finger (disguised as Golden Bones' hook) at Golden Bones and told the skeletons that he was an imposter. Accidentally, Zak patted on his chest, causing his to disguise wear off. He then threw a hologram of a skeleton and ran off with his team, Cece still disguised as a pink-chest skeleton until she destroyed the disguise.

They finally reached to where Skullivar was. Calabrass called Skullivar a "stick wad" while Zak walked closer to Skulliver. They fought with each other till Cece caught the Heptahedron. Zak held Skullivar off while Cece and Crogar escaped. Suddenly, Golden Bones appeared out of the escape passage with Caramba. Cece and Crogar backed up while Zak fell to the ground. Caramba immediately ran to Zak and his team before jumping out of the window and onto the Chaos. They got back the Heptahedron before the Seven Seas collapse.


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