This timeline holds a list of events pertaining to Zak Storm: Super Pirate, both in the real world and within the series itself. For now, it is a list of documented news and events that follows Zak Storm's development with updated news. Italicized information is information that is still considered true, while striked information is information that is out of date or debunked, therefore no longer being true.

2014 Edit

  • English recording for Zak Storm started some time this year.[1]

October Edit

  • 08: Bandai joins Zak Storm as the toymaster for the show. They will make action figures, vehicles, interactive role play, and action sets.[2]
  • 10: Zak Storm is greenlit for production. There will be 39 episodes each 22 minutes long.[3]

2015 Edit

September Edit


February Edit

  • 02: Jeremy Zag announces the release of Zak Storm to be at the end of 2016.[5]


  • 02: Zak Storm airs for the first time worldwide in France on Canal J.[6]

2017 Edit

February Edit

  • 27: Zak Storm airs in Belgium on La Trois.[7]

April Edit

  • 03: Zak Storm airs in the United Kingdom on Pop.[8]

July Edit

  • 03: Zak Storm airs in Brazil on Discovery Kids.[9]
  • 17: Zak Storm airs in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay on Discovery Kids.[10]
  • 20: Zak Storm is mentioned at the Miraculous Ladybug panel at San Diego Comic Con.[11]
  • 28: Zak Storm airs in Mexico on Discovery Kids.[10]
  • 30: Zak Storm airs in the rest of Latin America on Discovery Kids.[10]

November 1 Edit

  • 01: Zak Storm airs in America on Netflix.[12]


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