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Troll Diving
Released on November 1, 2017 (Netflix);
November 18, 2017 (Discovery Family)

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"Troll Diving" is the seventh episode of the first season of Zak Storm: Super Pirate. It premiered on November 1, 2017, on Netflix and November 18, 2017, on Discovery Family.


Discovery Family

Caramba is kidnapped by undersea trolls who mistake his exoskeleton for a piece of gold. Zak wants to rescue him alone but is in over his head without his crew![1]


The crew puts its plans for rest and relaxation on hold when Caramba is kidnapped by an army of merciless sea trolls.


Zak and the others were relaxing on the ship until an unknown wave came from underneath the ship. Cece spotted no wind nor current but another wave hit them. Soon, Caramba screamed for help. Zak saw the unattached rope and assumed that Caramba was attacked while Cece found sea trolls swimming away from the Chaos. Zak immediately chased after them they escaped back into their lair. Zak wanted to rescue Caramba but Cece told him it was too dangerous. Hence, Crogar, the "self proclaimed troll hunter" wanted to accompany him. However, Zak wanted him to stay on the Chaos and even told Clovis to "keep an eye on him". Zak then turned around and saw Cece dive into the water. Zak followed behind.

Caramba woke up and found himself in the sea troll's lair filled with chests of gold. He was amazed by the gold but was interrupted by the loud thuds of the sea trolls' footsteps. Caramba panicked and eneded up falling off the platform.

Cece hid behind a rock and told Zak that she could not find any alternate entrances to the lair. Zak attempted to blast water at one of the entrances but the entrance did not budge. After a while, a sea troll touched the entrance, causing the entrance to open. Zak and Cece immediately followed the troll before the entrance closed.

Zak decided to follow a troll. Cece wanted to disagree but she "could not think of a better idea". Soon, Cece got caught but Zak got her out of the troll's clutches. They ran away without hesitation.

Crogar got bored and wanted to help Zak and Cece. Hence, he played with the Chaos' controls. Clovis exclaimed with excitement but remembered that he was supposed to be responsible for Crogar.

Cece and Zak hid in a pot of gold, hoping it would lead them to Caramba. Unfortunately, the guard outside the room saw Cece, picked her up and shouted, "Tiny People!" Zak immediately fought the guards but got thrown into a lava pit. Cece thought he was dead but Zak came out from the lava pit and told everyone that he was wearing fire armor, hence unable to die in lava. Zak finished the trolls off and helped Cece open the door to the room where Caramba was in.

They entered the room and found another troll in the room. The troll was angry and wanted to attack them. However, Calabrass needed more time to restore energy. Hence, Zak stalled time for Calabrass, chit-chatting with the troll in the room. Crogar then comes in the room but was flung away by the troll. Zak then fought with the troll and escaped in the Chaos, managing to rescue Caramba.


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  • When Zak summons the Eye of Dezer to take down the Troll King, the Eye of Aeria cutscene is shown instead.


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