• Sea names
    • They appear to be written with Greek letters but spelled as if they were in English.
      • BERU, Sea of Water
      • DEZER, Sea of Earth
      • Sea of Fire can't be seen 
      • Zite was already known
      • (unknown)INO, Sea of Ice
      • Aeria was already known
      • Vapir can't be seen and was already known
  • Monsters
    • Kracken maybe
    • Lava monster
    • Dragons???
    • Gian jellyfish (Aeria)
    • Cyclops
    • Giant Scorpions (in Sea of Earth)
  • Triangle symbolism
  • The Chaos
    • Flies, is a submarine, floats, and grows legs
    • Sails appear to be solar and can go horizontal
  • Something's up with Zak's necklace

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