Witch Overboard is the fourth episode of the first season of Zak Storm: Super Pirate. It is unknown when it will air in the USA.

Synopsis Edit

"After discovering a shiny necklace, Caramba becomes bolder and stronger. But he also seems to become more aggressive. Clovis sees clearly what happened to the docile alien: he was possessed by a green lady. It is Xibalba, one of the nine Aztec lords banned to the Bermuda Triangle, and she plans to raise an army of shadows to sow chaos on this world…"

Plot Edit

Click here to see spoilers for an unaired episode plot.

Coming soon!

Characters Edit

Major Characters Edit

Minor Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is called "Une sorcière à la mer" in French, which translates to "A Witch at Sea."
  • This was the fifth episode to air in France.



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