The following is a list of all confirmed international releases of Zak Storm: Super Pirate.

Please note: The following table is arrange in chronological order. If 2+ countries share a release date, they are arranged alphabetically.
Country Title Langauge Network Premiere Date Source
France Zak Storm: Super pirate French CanalJ
December 2, 2016 [1]
Belgium Zak Storm: Super pirate French La Trois February 27, 2017 [2]
TBA Dutch/Flemish VTM KZoom TBA [3]
United Kingdom Zak Storm English POP April 3, 2017 [3]
Switzerland TBA French RTS 2017 [3]
Brazil Zak Storm: Super Pirata Brazilian Portuguese Discovery Kids July 3, 2017 [4]
Argentina TBA Latin American Spanish Discovery Kids July 17, 2017 [5]
Chile TBA [5]
Paraguay TBA [5]
Uruguay TBA [5]
Mexico TBA July 28, 2017 [5]
Latin America TBA July 30, 2017 [5]
United States Zak Storm: Super Pirate English Netflix November 1, 2017 [6]
Canada Zak Storm: Super Pirate English DHX TV/
Family Channel
TBA [3]
Zak Storm: Super Pirate French TVA TBA [3]
Germany TBA German Super RTL TBA [3]
India TBA TBA Amazon TBA [3]
Italy TBA Italian DeAgostini
TBA [3]
Israel TBA Hebrew ZoomTV TBA [3]
Middle East
(countries unspecified)
TBA TBA Spacetoon TBA [3]
Netherlands TBA Dutch RTL Telekids TBA [3]
New Zealand TBA English TVNZ Kidzone TBA [3]
Portugal TBA European Portuguese SIC TBA [3]
Spain TBA Castilian Spanish RTVE TBA [3]
TBA Castilian Spanish Canal Panda TBA [3]
Ukraine TBA English Plus Plus TBA [3]
Unspecified countries TBA TBA Netflix TBA [3]


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